VJ KSNK aka. Vuokrapoika/Random Doctors (founding member)


VJ Group Random Doctors was set up 2004 in Helsinki. Since then, Random Doctors has been one of the most active VJ Groups in Finland. Their energetic live visual performances are combination of wild improvisation and professional attitude. Mixing up live visuals they explore the depths of our cultural subconscious fearlessly challenging djs and musicians to push their limits.

From festivals to smallest underground clubs and art events Random Doctors stay true to their mission, to seek the magical moment where music, visuals and audience become one.

Since 2004 Pitkänen performed in numerous festivals and events in Finland and abroad and participated various art and theatre projects. From 2010 main focus has been performing with few selected artists such as Ville Leinonen, Death Hawks, Circle, Esa Kotilainen and Wigwam Experience. As visualist/Vj KSNK is one of the only ones from Finland who is touring continuously around Finland and Europe with same groups and same time developing live band visuals to a new professional level. Testing and developing new live visuals apparatus has been also important part of artistic visuals work.

RIISUTTU MAA 30.9.2020 Helsingin Musiikkitalo, Black Box (VJ)

Riisuttu Maa/YouTube


Riisuttu Maa is Iida-Vilhelmiina Sinivalo’s second doctoral degree concert with a theme of different crises.

The concert combines the expression of the cello with elements such as rap, percussion instruments and electronics. Together, they reflect existence in the midst of major and minor crises – in a global society as well as the sound of the cello.

Iida-Vilhelmiina Sinivalo, cello
Asta Hyvärinen, percussion instruments
Esa Kotilainen, keyboards
Paleface – Karri Miettinen, rap
Jonne Pitkänen, visuals
Heikki Savolainen, sound design




Death Hawks, Club Ucho, Gdynia, Poland

Ville Leinonen ja Majakanvartijan Soittokunta, Jättömaaklubi 2011

Random Doctors, Baltic Biennale 2010, St. Petersburg

Kuukauden mediataitelija/Random Doctors

Wigwam Experience Live 4.5.2019 at Tavastia Club Helsinki.

VJ näyteklippi





2021 Milky Way/konetiloja, Avangarde Obscura, Taidelaitos Haihatus, Joutsa
Jättömaa festivaali, Tähtishow, Maanalainen Flanelli, Wigwam Experience, 
Louhisali espoo, GLive Lab Helsinki. Death Hawks, We Jazz Festival, 
Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Winter Fezn, Kulturfabrik Moabit, Berlin
2020 Esa Kotilainen feat. Anssi Nykänen & Lauri Porra, Sibeliustalo, 
Lahti, Temppeliaukion kirkko, Helsinki (soolo) Death Hawks, 
MARS Festivaali, Seinäjoki, Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Riisuttu Maa ryhmä, 
Black Box, Helsingin musiikkitalo
2019 Wigwam Experience Suomen kiertue, Death Hawks, Klubi (Tre)
6. Linja (Hki), Ethnography with a Twist (conference) Jyväskylä
Railside Film festival, Kouvola, Uusi Tampere festivaali (Death Hawks) 

2018 Esa Kotilainen, (G LiveLab, Helsinki, Ilmiö festivaali, 
Taidekeskus Antares, Helsinki Psych Fest)
Death Hawks, Suomen kiertue, Bl0WUP IV festivaali, Kosmos festivaali
Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble, April Jazz, Espoo

2017 Death Hawks, Hexvessel, Kairon Irse (Finnish tour), 
Death Hawks (European tour) Tallinn Music Week (World Clinic Stage), 
Svart Night Seremonia, PH, Bar Loose, Helsinki, 
Manse Psych fest, Pakkahuone, Tampere, Joutomaa Fest, Kotka

2016 Flow Festival (Other Sound Stage Vj/visuals manager) 
Death Hawks (European and Finnish tours), RASi Mela. 
Perustulo Hack, Helsinki

2015 Death Hawks (German, Finnish tours), Flow festival (Hisko Detria,
Lasten Hautausmaa, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic Vhs?) 
Jättömaa Festival, Circle (Finnish tour) Roadburn Festival, Tillburg,

2014 Sahastra, Barcelona, Spain, Flow Festival 
(Other Sound Stage Vj/visuals manager) Death Hawks (European tour) 
Fight the Night 2 Festival (Psychedelic Warlords, UK)

2013 Flow Festival (Other Sound Stage Vj/visuals manager) 
6. Aisti Festival, Helsinki (Mika Vainio, Mr Peter Hayden, Hexvessel,
Death Trip) Ääni Festival, Kuopio (Astma)

2012 Flow Festival, Suvilahti (Other Sound Stage Vj/visuals manager)  
Jättomaa Club (Circle, Keuhkot), The Souls (Finnish and Baltian tours)

2011 Flow Festival, Suvilahti, (Other Sound Stage Vj/visuals manager) 
Esa Kotilainen/Soiva Tehdas, National TV Teema/Suojele Minua, 
Tourist Trap, Horst Krzbrg, Berlin Germany

2010 Flow Festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki 
(Circle, Uusi Fantasia, Ville Leinonen ja Majakan Soittokunta) 
Ville Leinonen ja Majakan Soittokunta Suomen kiertue,
Esa Kotilainen/Neum, Kuusankoskitalo

2009 Irresistible District art and music festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki
Prickly pea Bowls Festival, Sardinia, Italy, Siren, 
Festival of experimental music, Artisten, Gothenburg, Sweden

2008 Swap/Vaihto, Islington Mill, Manchester, England
Duna Jam Festivaali, Sardinia, Italy, Flow Festival, 
Suvilahti, Helsinki

2007 Pikseliähky Vj Jam, Kiasma theatre, Helsinki, 
Pink Projector, Ruisrock, Turku, 
PunkD Festival, Stancowice, Poland 2006 
UMF New Music Festival, Turku, Carelian Faces, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 
Pikseähky Club, Umo Jazz House, Helsinki

2006 UMF New Music Festival, Turku, 
Carelian Faces, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 
Pixeache Club, Umo Jazz House, Helsinki

2005 Hippo Complex club, Helsinki (various Rephlex label artists)  

2004 Hippo Complex club, Helsinki (various Rephlex label artists) 

Psychotrophic Caravan festival Vj 2009-2011

Om (USA), Aqua Nebula Oscillator (France), Gunslinger (UK), 
Steel Mammoth, Circle, Lord Vicar,  Dark Buddha Rising, 
Orange Goblin (GBR), The Pharaoh Overlord...