A kinetic audio installation of an old machine and pipelines used for milking cows.

On the countryside, more and more farms have closed down, either because of unprofitable business or because there is no one to take over after the retiring farmer. The cowsheds lie idle, empty of animals. However, all the machinery and equipment remain. The machines in the milking parlours are still and quiet.

We wanted to give new life to the old machines and equipment and decided to create a kinetic installation out of old milking machines and pipelines. In the installation, we transformed the old materials into a different kind of machine and system. We also studied the acoustics and soundscapes of milking machines as well as the sounds of cows and running water and compiled them into an audio track to accompany the installation.

The Milky Way installation introduces a positive connection between old and new culture as well as old and new work. It also recycles old materials. The phrase “One hand on an udder and the other on a laptop” perfectly describes not only this rapidly changing world but also us and our project.

Kineettinen ääni-installaatio vanhasta lypsykoneistosta ja maitoputkista.

Maaseudulla yhä useampi maatila on lopettanut toimintansa, joko maatilan pitäminen ei ole kannattanut tai toiminnalle ei ole jatkajaa. Navetat ovat tyhjillään – tyhjinä eläimistä. Mutta jäljelle ovat jääneet kaikki koneet ja laitteet. Lypsyasemat seisovat tyhjinä, lypsykoneet ovat paikallaan ja hiljaa.

Halusimme antaa vanhoille koneille ja laitteille uuden elämän ja rakensimme vanhoista lypsykoneista ja maitoputkista kineettisen installaation. Installaatiossa muutimme entiset lypsykoneet ja putkistot uudeksi, toisenlaiseksi koneeksi ja systeemiksi. Tutkimme myös lypsykoneiden akustiikkaa ja äänimaailmaa, lehmien ääntelyä ja veden virtausta ja teimme näistä soundtrackin/ääniraidan installaatiolle.

Milky Way- installaatio luo positiivisen yhteyden vanhan ja uuden kulttuurin, sekä vanhan ja uuden työn välille. Ja kierrättää vanhaa materiaalia. Nopeasti muuttuvaa maailmaa kuvailee hyvin seuraava lause, joka pätee myös meihin ja projektiimme: “Olemme toinen käsi utareella, toinen läppärillä”.

MILKY WAY (short video)

MILKY WAY (soundtrack)









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HYDOR 2015, Valoa Taiteelle/Taike

Hydor examines light. With light its possible to bring out different forms which human and nature has formed. Every day locations, even ones found boring can refreshed with creative lighting. With present day projectors its possible to execute large permanent and non permanent “paintings and drawing”s in public space. Art works can projected on the walls of buildings, trees, rocks, bridges, water, on any surface. With lighting and projections many location becomes as sculptural element.

Hydor tutkii valoa. Valon avulla on mahdollisuus tuoda esille erilaisia luonnon ja ihmisen muovaamia asioita ympäristössä. Arkipäiväisiä, tylsiksikin koettuja paikkoja voidaan virkistää valaisemalla ne tavanomaisesta poikkeavalla tavalla. Nykyisen projisointitekniikan avulla voidaan toteuttaa suurikokoisia pysyviä tai väliaikaisia ”maalauksia” ja ”piirroksia” julkiseen tilaan. Teokset voidaan heijastaa talojen julkisivuihin, puihin, kallioon, siltarakenteisiin, veden pintaan, tien pintaan, mihin tahansa. Valaisemalla moni kohde muuttuu myös veistokselliseksi.


Hydor/Kouvolan Sanomat

LUST FOR LIGHT 2015, Landscape-Metropolis, G11 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Landscape – Metropolis, 10 July – 8 August, 2015

This large-scale exhibition of Finnish Environmental Art in collaboration with Irish curator John Power of G11, and a myriad of Irish/Finnish/Berlin-based artists takes place for the first time in Berlin’s Metropolis, creating a unique platform for the exchange of ideas. The show encompasses an impressive variety of media and scale including large sculptural installations, photography, painting and video works. Concerns for the ecological and the poetic are knitted together in the apt setting of this former power station in Berlin-Schönweide, literally translated to ‘pretty pasture’. Sadly all remnants of these green meadows have long since vanished following Berlin’s industrialization. However, like the remote Finnish forests, or even barren Irish landscapes, Berlin’s industrial wasteland has become the perfect playground for artists, with space and freedom for experimentation, as one can see in this dynamic exhibition.

LUST FOR LIGHT is an installation bringing together a process of circuit bending left over trash, vj instruments development, sculpture and optical/light experiments. Its testing the possibilities of dark made up industrial space with UV painted materials, lazer light lit crystals and their reflections.

CURRENT FLUX I, II 2013-2014, Kouta gallery, Kouvola Art Museum, 3H+K gallery, Pori

Current Flux media installation

Current Flux is a present state of sound art project which started at 2009. Project is based on circuit bending (experimental new connections/shortcuts in circuit) in which I have made sound and visual instruments out of children’s toys, effects and electronic trash. Current Flux combines a sound collage made from sound samples of these instruments, sculptural elements made out process left over trash and interactive part made with toy instruments, sensors, micro processors and a “body” contact element.

The aesthetic and auditive world has influences from 80 — 90 `s sci-fi movies such as Star Crash, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Mad Max and Terminator

Current Flux on vuonna 2009 alkaneen äänitaideprojektin/prosessin tämän hetkinen kehitysvaihe. Projekti perustuu bendaukseen (circuit bending), jossa kierrätetyistä lasten äänileluista, efekteistä ja elekroniikkajätteestä valmistetaan virtapiirin uudellenkytkennöillä audio/visuaalisia laitteita ja intsrumentteja. Current Fluxsissa yhdistyy näiden instrumenttien äänistä valmistettu teos, instrumenttien rakennusprosessissa syntyneestä jätteestä valmistetut veistokselliset elementit, sekä vuorovaikutteinen osio.
Current Fluxin esteettinen ja auditiivinen maailma tuo esille taitelijan nuorena saamia vaikutteita 80 – 90 lukujen sci-fi elokuvista kuten Star Crash, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Mad Max ja Terminator)

Current Flux video

From Garden to Garden trash installation, Ars Sippola 2013,

Garden to garden Installation at Ars Sippola environmental art exhibition 2013. Installation is created from the trash which the village society collected from the gardens of Sippola village. 
WHITE TRASH, LARU 2013 Environmental Art Exhibition, Helsinki
FOGLI DI PLASTICA A BOLLE D`ARIA 2011 interactive media installation, Intersection, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany
INTERSECTION is an exhibition presenting works by twelve international artists who have at some point lived and worked in the city of Berlin. Some of them are still living and practicing here, while others are now creating their work in other parts of the world. For this group show they come together once again for a temporary reunification. As an ideal place for young and emerging artists, the city of Berlin not only serves as a “Schnittpunkt” (German for “Intersection”) for their life’s journey, but also creates intersections with each other’s artwork. Despite their unique differences, all of the artwork in the exhibition seems to serve the same purpose: to inspire the viewer to be touched by an original thought, a hidden surprise, or an unexpected moment in the blink of an eye. If this kind of communication between the viewer and the artwork actually takes place then the most important of all intersections will be reached. 

SYNTAGMA, THE POWER OF MONETA, (recycled materials), 2011, Jättömaa Art and Music festival


PLASTIC, TRASH, URETHANE 2010, Kouta gallery, Kouvola Art Museum

Plastic, Trash, Urethane installation brings together the use of trash and the trash plastic as mold. For one year I collected all my plastic trash and melted them into sculptures. At the same time I tested the plastic bags, broken balloons as mold and made sculptures from poisonous, industrial urethane. Some objects contain left overs such us empty spray cans, paint underlays…all the new trash which came in the process. Installation observes also light, shadow and camera obscura projection.

Kusipää, Ars Sippola 2010

” KUSIPÄÄ ” (English translation Piss head) project is a sculptural installation including communal and environmental art as part of the project. Kusipää is taking part of Minun Kouvolani process and Ars Sippola environmental art exhibition.

First sequence was made during winter 2010 when I sculpted small scale fjeld, arctic mountain (Kusipää) in my backyard. Actual Kusipää is situated at Finnish Lapland east from Muonio and its one peaks of Pomo fjeld.
During the winter I took ten men for a hike to the small scale Kusipää. On the trip I asked personal questions about urinating, We discussed about the scientific and cultural aspects such as how it is used fertilizer and how common people were using it medically. How men in Finland is piss row and how we used have pissing competitions when we were children. One quite hidden subject was womens behavior and social codes of this everyday matter in abroad We also discussed how urine is used in art for example Pissing boy in Brussels or Helen Chadwics “Piss flowers” 91-92. One interesting phenomena men make autographs and drawings to the snow. This brought me the idea to use urinating as a experimental sculptural technique.

In Finnish language is a reference how piss rises to head if a person is too proud or is being bossy.
Kusipää is used as English asshole in Finnish slang.

…Now the guest was taken to the top of Kusipää where he made his own individual hole, marking to the snow and was initiated to to the Kusipää group.

After this I made wax model of the cavity which was then cast to bronze.

During the summer 2010 Kusipää “group” and individuals have appeared in Ars Sippola and in six different locations of Kouvola.



Incidental Dialogues video installation, Baltic Biennale 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia

Incidental Dialogues

Incidental Dialogues, Random Doctors-Kosmost, Baltic Biennale II, Pietari, Venäjä

TURBO FOLK 2008, (SWAP/VAIHTO), Bureau gallery, Salford, England

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Collaboration the key to Swap/Vaihto
By RICHARD SMIRKE – Wednesday, July 23, 2008 swap/vaihto turbo folk

Turbo Folk from Swap/Vaihto

Born out of an intense two-week collaboration between 11 Manchester-based artists and the same number from Helsinki, Swap/ Vaihto is an exhibition that aims to explore ideas of cultural identity and the collaborative process.

All of the work on display was created in residence at Bureau gallery prior to the exhibition’s opening and the wide variety of artistic practices present reflects the different artists taking part, with video and audio works, sculpture and drawing all included.

Taking centre stage is Turbo Folk, a beautifully beguiling 3D installation by Jonne Pitkänen and Tom Watson. Made entirely from found objects, the sculpture adopts the form of an abstract recycled robot, brimming with personality and complete with antlers and a Dalek-like plunger.

Reflecting his interest in drama, Juhana Moisander contributes a spooky hypnotic wall projection, which sees the artist wearing a face mask and slowly drawing a gun ad infinitum. Another standout exhibit is a series of exquisitely crafted small-scale card creatures from Samantha Donnelly.

Surprisingly, all of the works fit together well, with the organic nature of the project apparent in every piece. Due to the collaborations that inform each work any comment on the issue of cultural identity is largely absent, but this is still a strong group exhibition that successfully explores migratory art practice

Turbo Folk installaatio, Gallery Bureau, Salford, Englanti